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Acacia Wood Furniture

Maybe you’ve already heard about this popular wood; maybe you haven’t. It goes by several names, including thorn tree, mimosa, and wattle. If you are looking into buying indoor or outdoor furniture, you should consider acacia. This beautiful wood is durable and sustainable, making it suitable for many purposes. After we talk a little about acacia wood and its uses, we will also help you understand how to take care of your furniture made from acacia.


A Little Acacia History

Acacia consists of hardwood trees and shrubs that originate in Australia. These trees have spread across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. More than 1,300 species of acacia now exist worldwide. Of these, certain species are used prominently for furniture because of their durability and availability. Acacia melanoxylon, or Australian blackwood, is the most common species of acacia used for furniture. The Australian blackwoods grow to almost 150 feet high. Acacia woods also grow quickly, making them more readily available for manufacturing on a large scale without endangering the forests.

As we will discuss further, acacia is known for its durability and water-resistant properties, ideal for kitchen and bathroom collections. Products may also last up to forty years when treated properly.

Acacia has been valued for a long time. In the 1700s, the English used acacia wood for their ships. Because of the wood’s durability and water-resistant qualities, the English navy became a dominant force and cemented the nation’s power during the 18th century.


A Fast-Growing and Sustainable Wood

One of the great things about Acacia wood is its sustainability. When one tree is cut, another can be easily planted in its place. Thanks to the nature of Acacia trees, they grow very quickly. Some species can grow up to 35 feet in a little over a year. That’s about an inch per day. Rapid growth is due primarily to Acacia species that thrive in tropical climates with fertile ground and plentiful rainfall, providing sustainable growth and harvest. However, Acacia trees are incredibly resilient trees.

Most acacia trees only live for about 20 to 30 years, but their roots run deep. Because they can find water where other plants cannot, Acacia trees are capable of surviving in almost any condition, including devastating droughts.



This wood is relatively affordable, especially for the quality of the products. Because acacia is plentiful around the world, easy to work with, and sustainable, harvesting and manufacturing costs are lower than typical.



As mentioned before, Acacia wood is durable and water-resistant, but that is only the start. The texture of the wood is attractively fine, giving the surface a smooth finish. Once it is dried, the wood becomes extremely hard and resistant to scratching, perfect for furniture pieces both inside and outside your home. Before drying, however, the wood is quite flexible, making it easy to handle and craft with.

Another significant aspect of Acacia wood is its resistance to bacteria, mold, and wood-ravaging insects. You won’t have to worry about your outdoor furniture getting moldy or infested with bugs.

Because several species of Acacia trees grow to tall heights, they can be used to create both long and short pieces of furniture, including tables, benches, chairs, shelves, etc.



Acacia has been used for many products in different cultures because of its workability and durability. The English used the wood for ship posts, beams, and cogs in addition to their furniture. In Hawaii, they make bowls, canoes, and ukuleles out of acacia. These trees are still used for boats in the Philippines, as well as for cabinets, railroad ties, carvings, and furniture.

Some species of acacia are used for large projects such as flooring, stair rails, and wardrobes. Other species are used for jewelry, dolls, and souvenirs.

Acacia makes for great shelving because of its density. This durable wood can hold a lot of weight. Depending on the process, acacia can be light or dark, allowing you to find a look that suits your house or preference. You can use this hardwood anywhere in your home: the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or outside.


How to Care for Outdoor Acacia Furniture

Acacia is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Still, even though it is resistant to wear and tear, time eventually takes its course. With a few steps and routines, you can help your furniture last for a long time and keep it looking beautiful for many years to come.

First off, when winter sets in or you know you won’t be using the outside furniture for a while, cover them well or find a waterproof place to store them. This way, they will keep until patio season returns.

Here are a few more tips to consider if you want to maintain your outdoor Acacia furniture:

  • If you have a pool or hot tub with furniture located nearby, hose the Acacia wood down at least once a week. Pool water treated with chlorine will start to eat away at the furniture’s finish over time. This routine will help maintain the furniture’s weather-resistance.
  • Clean the furniture twice a year. You can use a soap solution and a scrub. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel.
  • After it rains, wipe the furniture dry.
  • Place waterproof covers over your furniture when you are not using them. Like most woods, acacia is sensitive to moisture. Humidity can cause furniture to swell and even buckle.
  • Avoid putting furniture under direct sunlight. This may cause fading and, in rare cases, cracking. Rotate your furniture occasionally to allow the sides equal exposure to light and air. This way, the pieces will darken evenly.
  • Don’t place furniture next to a fireplace or radiator. Doing so may cause warping.
  • Avoid using cleaning products containing either silicone or ammonia. These products will dry out the wood and wear down its finish.


Acacia Wood Dining Room Table

Stunning Custom Acacia Wood Tables, Built To Last

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