Woodworker Hand Finishing Acacia Wood Live Edge Table

How To Care For Acacia Wood

Acacia is a fast-growing evergreen tree, primarily found in Africa and Australia. This sustainable tree is known for its durability and distinctive wood grain patterns. Just like most natural wood, acacia wood holds its beautiful appearance much longer when given proper care. Keep your acacia wood tableware or furniture looking its best by following these easy tips!   How …

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Acacia Wood Panels

Acacia Wood FAQs

What is acacia wood? The acacia tree is native to tropical and subtropical regions, particularly Australia and Africa. This sustainable, durable wood is known for its distinctive grain patterns. This environmentally-friendly wood is commonly sourced from sustainable acacia trees in Thailand and surrounding areas. Acacia is a genuine hardwood rich with natural oils that give it natural …

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Cut Acacia Tree Showing Wood Grain

What Is Acacia Wood?

Though many types of wood are available on the market, acacia is one of the most popular options. This type of tree features very distinctive grain styling, making it one of the visually appealing types of wood available on the market. But what is acacia wood, and how is it used? Let’s take a closer …

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Acacia Wood Panels

Teak vs Acacia Wood

Looking to invest your time and money in some quality furniture, but unsure which wood is best for you? Here we break down the pros and cons of two of the world’s favorite lumbers – teak and acacia – to help you decide. With its subtle pale amber boards adorning the decks of exclusive yachts and premium …

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Natural Hand Scraped Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia Wood Flooring Guide

  What is Acacia Wood? Originally from Australia, acacia is a natural hardwood that grows all across the globe. Acacia wood found in the USA is typically imported from Asia (also known as Asian walnut) and the Pacific Islands, grown using sustainable farming methods. You may also find this exotic hardwood in parts of Africa …

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beautiful finished acacia wood table top

Acacia Wood Furniture

Maybe you’ve already heard about this popular wood; perhaps you haven’t. Several names go, including thorn tree, mimosa, and wattle. If you are looking into buying indoor or outdoor furniture, you should consider acacia. This beautiful wood is durable and sustainable, making it suitable for many purposes. After we talk a little about acacia wood and …

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