Acacia Tree - My Time at Sandrock

Where to Get Acacia Wood in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock” is a beloved simulation RPG that has captivated gamers with its engaging blend of crafting, farming, and social interactions. One of the essential resources players need to collect for crafting recipes is acacia wood. This guide will help you find the best ways to gather acacia wood in the game.


Understanding Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is a versatile material used in several important crafting recipes, from furniture to construction materials. As you progress in the game, your need for acacia wood will grow, making it crucial to know where and how to collect it efficiently.


Where to Find Acacia Trees

Acacia trees are scattered throughout Sandrock’s desert landscape. They are distinct with their reddish-brown bark and wide, flat-topped canopies. Acacia Wood can be obtained from logging Acacia Trees or killing Thorny Jumpers in the Northern Plateau.

Here are some key locations where you can find acacia trees:

  1. Around the Eufaula Desert: This area is one of the primary places where acacia trees grow abundantly. The Eufaula Desert is vast, but acacia trees are easily recognizable. Look for clusters of these trees and remember their locations for future harvesting.
  2. Near the Oasis: The oasis area in Sandrock provides fertile ground for various types of trees, including acacia. While the oasis is more commonly known for its lush greenery and different types of flora, acacia trees are often found at its periphery.
  3. The Bridge Area: As you explore near the bridge that connects different parts of the map, you will notice several acacia trees. This area is less populated with players, making it a good spot to gather wood without competition.


Tools for Harvesting Acacia Wood

To efficiently harvest acacia wood, you need the right tools. Initially, a basic axe will suffice, but as you progress, upgrading your tools will significantly speed up the process. Here’s what you need:

  1. Basic Axe: This is your starting tool and can chop down smaller acacia trees. However, it requires multiple hits and is not efficient for larger trees.
  2. Bronze Axe: An upgrade from the basic axe, the bronze axe allows you to chop down medium-sized acacia trees more quickly.
  3. Iron Axe: For large acacia trees, the iron axe is your best bet. It cuts down trees with fewer hits, saving time and stamina.
  4. Stamina Recovery Items: Chopping trees consumes stamina, so carrying food or drinks that recover stamina will let you gather more wood in one go.


Efficient Gathering Tips

  1. Plan Your Route: Identify the clusters of acacia trees and plan a route that allows you to move from one cluster to another efficiently. This minimizes travel time and maximizes your harvesting efforts.
  2. Upgrade Your Bag: Ensure you have enough inventory space. Acacia wood stacks in your inventory, but having extra space means you can carry more before needing to return to storage.
  3. Utilize Workshop Storage: Store excess acacia wood in your workshop’s storage boxes. This keeps your inventory manageable and ensures you have a supply of wood ready when needed for crafting.
  4. Check Daily: Trees in “My Time at Sandrock” respawn after a certain period. Make it a habit to check the key areas daily to gather fresh wood.
  5. Join the Guild: Participating in guild activities and completing commissions can sometimes reward you with acacia wood or the tools needed to harvest it more efficiently.


By following these tips and understanding where to find and how to gather acacia wood effectively, you’ll be well-prepared to meet the crafting demands of “My Time at Sandrock.” Happy harvesting!