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Acacia wood patio sets and outdoor furniture are popular choices for various reasons. But you may have a lot of questions, such as how long will acacia wood last outside? Acacia wood is a material that is used for both indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as kitchenware products. The good news is that acacia wood is a durable material perfect for outdoor furniture. Reading on, you can learn everything you need to know about acacia wood outdoor furnishings.



There are multiple benefits to getting furniture that is made with acacia wood. These benefits include:

More Affordable

Compared to many other outdoor furniture materials, acacia wood is more affordable. You can get a very high-end look with acacia wood without spending a high-end price.


Acacia wood is an incredibly durable material, which is why it’s a popular and versatile choice for a variety of different products. Your acacia wood furniture can potentially last for decades with proper care.


Sustainability is a high priority for many people today, so acacia wood is an excellent option for furniture. Acacia trees can grow in so many different conditions, and every part of this tree is used.



Acacia wood is known for being a highly durable wood. The color of this wood furniture can vary, but it’s typically a red-brown color. It’s such a unique material because even from the same shrub or tree, every piece of wood looks unique without sharing a similar wood grain pattern.


How to Care for Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture and Patio Sets

Is acacia wood waterproof? Is acacia wood okay outside? Can you leave acacia wood outside in winter? These are all essential questions to ensuring the longevity of your acacia wood patio furniture. This section will look at how to care for your acacia wood products properly.

  1. Ensure that you properly clean the furniture, regularly wiping down your furniture with a damp rag. This prevents dust buildup, leading to the living material cracking or drying out.
  2. Never use products with silicone or ammonia, as these can dry out the wood. Stick to a mild soap and water solution.
  3. Make sure that you use linseed oil or tung oil, which can better protect your furniture.
  4. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight to keep it protected.

Another tip for caring for your furniture is to cover your furniture when not in use for an extended period. This can protect your furniture from long-term exposure to the elements, leading to erosion and damage.



Acacia wood is an excellent choice for any outdoor furniture. This is a product that you can rely on, ensuring that you get the quality outdoor furniture you want. Plus, since every piece of wood is so unique, your furniture can be indeed one of a kind.